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See how Ainstein shows Risk Visually, does the work for you, and learns, as only a Sentient System can.

As the Creators of Ainstein, we'd like to welcome you!

We've built Ainstein to be the premier source of Risk & Alpha Intelligence on the web, and truly serve investors large and small.

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Personalize to your Portfolios

Customize Industries & Countries

Ainstein epitomizes excellence with a fully digital experience, unprecedented access to insights, and the promise of 100% transparency and fairness – all with no conflicts.

  • Ainstein sees what cannot be seen in excel spreadsheets, continually adapts to new data – plus saves you vast work!

Ainstein provides Trusted Advice made by a "Facts-First" Recommendation Engine

  • Ainstein technology auto-steers decisions toward the better choices.
  • Ainstein visualizations help you to literally "See Risk" by revealing the non-linear, evasive and otherwise hidden patterns that Ainstein identifies by continually learning and intelligently synthesizing a massive integrated underlying data layer.
  • 35,000 Companies are included – plus ETFs and Funds – every Industry / Sector / Country.
  • With this new level of comprehension and at-a-glance insights, decision makers can easily and more reliably and consistently see opportunity and avoid ill-advised high-risk choices.

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The need for Trusted Advice and the growth in sustainable investment means asset managers need to weigh ESG considerations alongside more traditional financial metrics, leading to a real need for AI-enabled, indeed Sentient, Visualized and unified Analytics – all working for you!

Enjoy Ainstein – with our very best wishes,

Suzanne Cook

CEO & Co-Founder
Ainstein AI

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